Taunya Renson-Martin

Taunya Renson-Martin Founder and Managing Partner, based in Belgium +32 475 604 096 Change Management | Corporate Branding/Positioning | Campaign Strategy | Copywriting | Journalism & Speechwriting | Event Moderator Biography As the co-founder and Managing Partner of Mach Media, I lead a remarkable team of global professionals who are not only incredibly skillful, but also super [...]

Cameron Heffernan

Cameron Heffernan Director, North America, based in Washington, D.C. +1 (202) 550-1975 Strategic Communications | Thought Leadership | PR/Media Relations Brand Engagement | Issues Management Biography I lead Mach Media in North America, directing our team and executing client work from our office in the Washington, DC area. Our job as strategic communicators is to [...]

Natalia Fabri-Romuzga

Natalia Fabri-Romuzga Director Europe, based in Belgium +32 492 856 184 Client and Team Management | Internal Communications | Marketing Communications | Copywriting | Business Development Biography As the Europe Director at Mach Media, I foster an awesome team of marketing & communications (Marcomm) professionals, enabling our quality performance to meet highest standard of excellence [...]

Aidan McNally

Aidan McNally Digital Marketer, based in Belgium +32 494 857 413 Digital Project Management | Web Marketing | Web Technologies | SEO / Analytics Biography As a Digital Marketer for Mach Media, I captain the execution of all things digital. What I love about my role is the exposure to a wide range of international [...]

Carmen Pacheco

Carmen Pacheco Designer & Digital Marketer, based in the United States +1 (321) 946-3381 Digital Project Management | Web Marketing/Design | Email Marketing Biography As a Designer and a Digital Marketer at Mach Media; I plan, design and execute engaging content-based marketing strategies. I have experience working across industries, from aviation and manufacturing to higher [...]

Alberta Stella

Alberta Stella Senior Consultant, based in Belgium +32 472 87 07 70 Content Strategy / Corporate Communications / Internal Communications / Social Media / Events / Crisis Communications Biography As Senior Consultant at Mach Media, I partner with clients to develop marketing communications strategies and support the team to execute them. I have more than [...]

Kelly Lataire

Kelly Lataire Operations Manager, based in Belgium +32 477 990 914 Office management | Operations management | Event management | Human Resources & Recruitment Biography In 2015, I took on the hefty responsibility to manage operations at Mach Media. I handle various administrative tasks, ranging from office management to Human Resources & Accountancy and ensure [...]

Eli Zimmerman

Eli Zimmerman Account Executive, based in Washington, D.C. +1 (617) 833-1116 Copywriting, Social Media Strategy, SEO/Analytics, Digital Marketing, Media Relations Biography As an Account Executive at Mach Media, I help our clients cut through the noise. Combing their specific voice with dedicated research and creativity, I compose content, across platforms, that will connect directly with [...]

Kim Bratanata

Kim Bratanata Senior Consultant, based in the United States Content Strategy | Corporate Communications | Marketing Communications | Digital & Social Media | Event Marketing | Media & Crisis Communications Training Biography As a Consultant at Mach Media, I help clients by developing marketing communication strategies, digital media roadmaps, and valuable, creative content that helps [...]

Colleen Jolly

Colleen Jolly Senior Consultant, based in the United States +1 (202) 210-6982 Marketing Communication | Brand Development | Strategy | Thought Leadership | Project Management Biography As a Senior Consultant for Mach Media, I provide timely and meaningful communications strategies, helping our clients achieve their goals and positively impact their communities. I spent 18 years [...]

Astrid Benoit

Astrid Benoit Jr. Copywriter / Account Executive, based in Belgium +32 479 627 850 Copywriting | Social Media Strategy | Corporate Communications | Marketing Communications Biography In my role as Jr. Copywriter & Account Executive, I support my colleagues in fulfilling client needs through the execution of various marketing and communication strategies. This can range [...]

Eos Tee

Eos Tee Graphic Designer, based in Belgium Print, Web and Multimedia | Branding | Visual Communication | Typography Biography As a graphic designer at Mach Media, I develop business communications across all different types of media. I believe design is problem-solving. My specialities include logos and branding, illustration, editorial design, print and digital, packaging, and [...]

Danielle Bar

Danielle Bar Consultant, based in Belgium +32 475 31 70 60 Client Management | Business Development | Project Management | Copywriting Biography My personal life brought me to Belgium and my interests allowed me to find a home with Mach Media. Originally from Chicago, Illinois, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelor [...]

Kaitlyn Shields

Kaitlyn Shields Senior Account Manager, based in the United States Social Media Strategy | Client Management | Brand Development | Influencer Marketing | Event Management Biography I started my career in the beauty & fashion industry in New York City, focusing in social media strategy, brand development, and influencer marketing. In 2015, I moved to [...]

Mike Vlieghe

Mike Vlieghe Art Director, based in Belgium +32 473 492 425 Print, Web and Multimedia | Branding and House Style Design | Video Editing and Animation | Advertising Biography As Art Director for Mach Media, I conceptualize and design artwork for our diverse clientele of international companies. With a solid background in both creative thinking [...]

Savin Koc

Savin Koc Account Manager, based in Belgium Social Media & PR Strategy | Content Creation | Copywriting & Editing Biography As an Account Manager for Mach Media, I support the Accounts Team in the timely and effective delivery of projects; carry out research; and produce copy. Following completion of my Master of Science in Global [...]

Suzi Lindquist

Suzi Lindquist Account Manager, based in Belgium +32 494 040 342 Social Media & PR Strategy | Content Creation | Copywriting & Editing Biography After 15 years in the US, with a B.A. in Intercultural Communication in hand, my interest in content creation took me to back to my first home city of Cape Town. [...]

Simon Chopier

Simon Chopier Digital Strategist, based in Belgium + 32 491 562 130 Digital strategy | Search Engine Optimization | Business model definition | Sales Biography As a Digital Strategist at Mach Media, I feel very lucky to have been given the chance to help companies maximize their return on investment by means of internet marketing. [...]

Tiffany Deans

Tiffany Deans HR Business Partner, based in Washington, D.C. HR and Recruitment | Workforce Strategy | Team Dynamics Biography At Mach Media I am HR Business Partner, based in Washington, DC. My life's journey has taken me to places I always dreamed about and also to places I never could have imagined. I have 16 [...]

Vanessa Villegas Neme

Vanessa Villegas Neme Account Manager, based in Belgium Copywriting | Social Media Strategy | Corporate Communications | Marketing Communications Biography Following my passion, creative strategy, I recently joined the Mach Media team as Account Manager for Europe. Day to day, I manage client projects in the life sciences industry, creating deliverables, conducting research and writing [...]

Our Specialists

Axel Waiengnier

Axel Waiengnier Digital Project Manager & Team Leader, based in Belgium meet@machmedia.be Project Management | Team Management | Process Management | Digital Transformation | Change Management | Digital Marketing & Communication Biography As an insourced consultant, I work on-site with clients helping companies and organizations manage end-to-end large digital marketing projects and programs. As a [...]

C. Pate Moore

C. Pate Moore Human Centered Design Strategist, based in the United States meet@machmediagroup.com Vision Building | Leadership Coaching | Innovation | Human-Centered Design | Design Strategy | Service Design Biography I have my dream job: I’m a design strategist and I love what I do. I get to spend much of my time solving problems, [...]

Grégoire Van den Ostende

Grégoire Van den Ostende Senior Communications Strategy Advisor, based in Belgium meet@machmediagroup.com Media training | Crisis communications | Copywriting (French and Dutch) | Communications Strategy | Content creation (PR & social media) Biography An experienced strategic communications specialist, at Mach Media I execute crisis communication, copywriting, press and public relations, and provide media training. I [...]

Keir Bonine

Keir Bonine Senior Consultant, based in Belgium meet@machmediagroup.com Engaging Writer | Innovative Communicator | Strategic Thinker | Executive Communications | Marketing Communications | Internal Communications Biography A seasoned communications strategist and adept writer, I help companies and organizations engage effectively with their stakeholders – employees, customers, shareholders, the media, NGOs, etc. Communications is the lynchpin [...]

Megan Kenna

Megan Kenna Marketing Specialist, based in Europe meet@machmediagroup.com European affairs and policy analysis | Government relations | Public relations | Marketing communications | Communications capacity building | Skilled cross-media copywriter Biography Since 2017, I have advised aviation and pharmaceutical clients for Mach Media, drawing on my passion for communication and advancing technology. Today I also [...]

Rana Walker

Rana Walker Public Speaker, Consultant, and Trainer, based in Belgium meet@machmediagroup.com Social Media | Branding | Strategic Marketing | Thought-Leadership | Innovation Biography I am an award-winning public speaker, corporate consultant and trainer, passionate about stepping outside comfort zones, sharing knowledge, and building online spheres of influence. Today, I help global companies, organizations and associations [...]

Affiliates and Partners

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