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Hans Van Puyenbroeck

Hans Van Puyenbroeck


My upbringing has been strongly influenced by two countries: Belgium and the US. I was born in Belgium but raised in Arkansas. After graduating at Erasmushogeschool in the capital of Belgium with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism I dove into the world of marketing and communications. From corporate communications, social media strategy, newsletters, websites to video marketing – I’ve left no stones unturned in the marketing realm.

As a sportsman I have always felt a natural desire to do better and more – beyond ‘just’ winning. I carry this philosophy into my personal and professional life. As an Account Manager I want to do the same for our clients. I want to help them evolve, grow and find the best ways for them to achieve their goals.

In my free time you won’t find me sitting down too often. In recent years I’ve transitioned from playing basketball to coaching. I coach youth basketball (U16-U18) and assist for a seniors team. When I’m not coaching or taking coaching courses, I’m trying to stay fit so I can keep up with my two young daughters.


Dutch, English