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Taunya Renson-Martin

Founder and Managing Partner


Natalia Fabri-Romuzga

Director, Europe


Kim Bratanata

Director, North America


Anna Paula Menezes

Senior Account Manager


Bruno Hanssens

Video Editor/Animator & Designer


Charity Bengert

Account Manager

What’s up?

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Our clients rock

But don’t just take our word for it…

Lianna D’Angelo, Sotera Living LLC

 I will highly recommend everything Mach Media has done for me to all other businesses in any chance I get!

Juan- Pablo Petrosino, SWIFT

 We were impressed with the quality level of the material provided in terms of strategic plan, specific tools defined (buyer personas, editorial plan, etc.). Discussing this internally with our comms folks, we all agreed this was a top-notch comms plan proposal and a role-model we should be following more!

Doug Donahue, Entrada Group

 We were spending a lot of money in a big campaign to reach some influential decision makers. Mach Media really saved the day by making sure our big investment in charter air- craft wasn’t going down the drain.

Massimo De Vecchi, Solvay

 Mach Media is not only a very creative and efficient agency, it’s a true long-term partner with whom it is a pleasure to work!

Andreas Koini, Antwerp International School

 I know we are not an easy client. A lot of stakeholders with lots of different opinions. However Mach Media is really good in managing this set up and I thoroughly enjoy working with Taunya.

Christian De Schrijver, Janssen

 Great collaboration and great support in our communication strategy, planning & execution.

JP McDaris, Entrada Group

 I am happy with the support I receive from Cameron. He is professional, executes our projects and campaigns respecting our tight deadlines while maintaining concern for the details.