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As an executive advisor specializing in communication and crisis management, I have been called upon countless times to offer live and urgent advice on managing pretty much any type of crisis from global product recalls, cyber-attacks, regulatory dawn raids, CEO or employee fraud, large-scale layoffs or medical malpractice to social media shit storms or false rumors in the press. I have been in many boardrooms and war rooms in the intense first hours of a crisis helping management make sense of the situation, gather as much reliable information as possible, play out critical scenarios, including worst-case, and deciding on a plan of action which always includes what, to whom, and how to communicate about the incident. I have designed and executed many crisis simulations and war games devised specifically to test and train organizations for when the storm hits.

Based on these experiences, I help companies, organizations, and senior executives prepare optimally ahead of time through risk assessment, planning, crisis management governance, issue mapping, stakeholder analysis, communication strategy, and executive and spokesperson training. Always favoring a proactive approach, I assist both newly appointed and long-established executives in building and managing their reputation and thought leader status, and I help organizations build credibility on the issues important to them which serves as a reputational moat around their brand, PR and marketing efforts.

When I am not working or networking with people smarter than myself (the vast majority of people I meet), I am a curious and voracious reader, enjoy competitive chess, and treasure the mental reset of a long run or bike ride.


English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French