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Bruno Hanssens

Bruno Hanssens
Video Consultant


As a video content creator at Mach Media, I create animations and videos for diverse audiences and channels. With a background in animation, filming and editing, I love to create, starting from a blank screen. After spending hours on an animation, going over a cut for the 100th time and finally getting that sound perfectly aligned, it gives me great pleasure to show the result to clients.

Before joining Mach Media, I previously worked at both agencies and big corporations. I have enjoyed learning from the two sides and witnessing how video has been increasing the go-to choice for many companies. As video is becoming more and more important in conveying a brand’s message, I relish helping clients effectively transmit their communication in a stylish yet compelling manner through video format.

During my free time, I love to get away from the computer. Whenever I get the chance, I’m out hiking, skiing or surfing. When I can be on the road, I also enjoy photography, especially capturing nature and wildlife shots.


Dutch, English, French