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Mach Media’s DEI Initiative

Sometimes things just come naturally. When we decided to formalize our DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) efforts here at Mach Media, the process felt rather organic and, in a sense, destined. This is perhaps due to diversity being a part of our DNA since day one– we’ve always sought out those with extraordinary backgrounds and fascinating histories, people with a unique vantage point on life.

Our rockstar team is made up of 27 members with 12 different nationalities and combined we speak 11 different languages!

So, in developing our DEI initiative, we took many things into consideration. And, in fact, we still are! The great thing about our initiative is that it will never be stagnant, we are constantly evolving our initiative’s reach and selecting what we want to accomplish as we grow and learn more.

There are a few core items we have set out to achieve:

Foster a workplace culture in which inclusivity reigns supreme, where every employee feels heard and valued

Embrace and spotlight our team’s diversity and multiculturalism, actively creating opportunities in which we can share and learn more from one another

Help our clients create engaging communications that transparently reflect their authentic desires to promote inclusion and champion diversity and equity

A Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The path to accomplishing these goals is certainly not linear, nor is it a short one. Making a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion means we are prepared for the work that lies ahead and we will be pursuing this work with the utmost willingness to learn, no matter how long it will take. Embarking on a DEI initiative is something that takes time, intention and sustained, thoughtful efforts.

As we move along in this journey, we will be sharing more content centered on DEI-related topics. We will especially aim to share our learnings packaged into informative and helpful content that can help you and your business with your own DEI efforts. Enveloped within our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion is our commitment to raising the bar and to setting industry standards that actively drive communications and marketing forward.

Corporate diversity initiative

You won’t catch us sitting idly by, passively letting change wash over us. No.

Rather, you can find us being the change, standing up for what we know to be right and hopefully inspiring others to do so with us. You can find us making a difference with every piece of work we produce, design and deliver. Mach Media makes a difference.

Want to make a difference with us? We’d love to start that discussion with you.


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