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C. Pate Moore

C. Pate Moore
Human Centered Design Strategist


I have my dream job: I’m a design strategist and I love what I do. I get to spend much of my time solving problems, coloring outside the lines, and playing with legos. I have a consulting background in vision building, strategic planning, and brand and product development. My experience spans start-ups and established companies where I help design solutions for the most complex business challenges – the ones that impact culture, markets, value, and profitability.

I come from a long line of successful entrepreneurs, inventors and community builders. I have always been a tinkerer, much like many of those before me. I have always been curious and I constantly try to figure out how things work. So now, I co-create with all types of organizations using an ingenious innovation and design process called, “Human-Centered Design” to provide powerful insights, disruptive new ideas, and game-changing solutions.

When I am not leading design workshops or championing social causes I can be found cooking new recipes in the kitchen, exploring new cultures through food and supporting farmers and artisans at local farmers markets. When food is not on the table, I am most likely looking for the next hiking trail, mountain lake, or travel adventure to inspire my next creative endeavor.