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Axel Waiengnier

Axel Waiengnier
Digital Project Manager


As an insourced consultant, I work on-site with clients helping companies and organizations manage end-to-end large digital marketing projects and programs. I build bridges between technical and business teams, striving to create an atmosphere that makes each team member feel comfortable in their role while keeping the focus on planning and methodologies. If I would be a type of software, it would probably be Google Earth. I love to provide clients with both a helicopter high-level project vision as well as with street view detailed task zoom.

For more than a decade, I worked at Belgian telecoms leader Proximus as a digital team manager holding various positions in eMarketing communications divisions. After earning a master’s degree in communications and journalism, I started my career as an entrepreneur pioneering cybercafés in the early days of the internet.

Born and bred in Brussels, I consider myself a typical Belgian: optimistic, creative and sometimes a bit surrealistic, but always hands-on and ready to find a solution – especially when it requires a compromise.


French, English, Dutch