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 Innovation stands at the core of Lonza, always striving for the best possible solution. This is one of the reasons why they are at the top, being one of the largest international CDMOs. With today’s technologies, small biotech companies and start-ups are at the forefront of innovation, but with many hurdles to surpass on the road to commercialization, sometimes these start-ups cannot go through all the stages quick enough. 


Lonza approached Mach Media (MM) to create an outreach strategy in order to connect with these start-ups and ultimately, generate more business leads. Lonza was looking for a full A – Z communication strategy that would allow them to connect with new biotech start-ups from Europe, all the way to the US West Coast. The objective was simple – use an inbound approach to generate trust with biotechs and convince them of Lonza’s expertise and value to help them on their journey to commercialization. 


Per Lonza’s request, Mach Media was Lonza’s partner from strategy all the way through to execution, building an outreach strategy for both Europe and the US, producing all content, and branding the campaign with a compelling visual identity. 

The plan comprised a multi-step process, going from first contact with the companies to managing and operating the full webinar production. Promotion of the campaign was done leveraging Lonza’s own channels as well as the bioparks themselves. MM initially contacted 27 different bio-parks throughout the West Coast and Europe to identify potential partners that would be willing and interested in hosting the webinar series. MM also conducted follow-up meetings and calls to negotiate terms to host the webinars, such as costs, sponsorships, technical requirements, and more. To close it off, MM, together with the partnered bio-parks, conducted all the preparations and the production of the actual webinars.


The sucess of the first phase of the outreach has resulted in great potential for a second phase of outreach to even more bioparks and ecossytems in the European and North American regions.

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