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Elevating a unique team event, from concept to on-site ambiance and even post-event blues

Getting your team in a room together to spend quality time is a must for team spirit and engaged performance. Following a long period of COVID-induced virtual meet-ups and makeshift home offices, many workers were in need of face-to-face contact and Janssen employees were no exception.

So, when Janssen Customer and Digital Strategy team (CDS)  organized its first in-person event in two (!) years, we were on hand to make sure it went off without a hitch and embraced this opportunity to show off our ‘jack of all trades’ skills.


This team event was important for many reasons. Not only was it the first team gathering in two years, but for several new hires it was also the first time meeting their colleagues face-to-face

For Janssen, success looked twofold. First, they wanted to use the opportunity to ‘reset’ their CDS team’s mindset and leave them all feeling motivated and (re-) connected.

Second, they wanted to ensure that all team members knew how to ‘connect the dots’ and understand the responsibilities of each role, and how all roles are intrinsically linked to wider business objectives. In short, the goal was that each person left the event clear on how they could individually contribute to delivering on Janssen CDS’ business ambitions.

Mach Media happily stepped up to help organize, run, and wrap up the event.


To make the team event an absolute success, Mach Media handled all aspects, from pre-event to post-event.


We started things off by creating a kick-ass visual identity and name for the event. 

The happening was officially dubbed We Are the People, and we made sure that the branding of the event reflected what the event was all about: the CDS people.

The eye-catching visuals were used for a range of deliverables to ensure consistency, such as Zoom backgrounds, banners and posters, and PowerPoint templates.

To make sure everyone looked the part, we also slapped the branding onto some stylish-looking name tags, tote bags, and lanyards, and ensured all speakers’ presentations were decked out in the right look.


Besides content creators, we’re also impeccable organizers, which is why Janssen also requested our help with the nitty-gritty of organizing the event end-to-end.

From the start, we helped plan and lead the necessary preparatory meetings and provided support with setting the agenda for the event.

We also assisted in hatching out team-building activities and supported speakers with their presentations by gathering, refining, and designing content.


A highly anticipated get-together needs the appropriate buzz-building. To inform Janssen employees of the details of the event and get the properly excited, we kicked off a 6-week awareness and engagement campaign.

In the lead-up to the event, we generated excitement through a variety of newsletters, messages from CDS leaders, and a teaser video. We also sprinkled in engaging pre-event activities and asked team members to share some fun facts about themselves to display during the event.


Throughout the two days, our dedicated account managers and consultant made sure all team-building and business-related activities ran smoothly. They managed vendors, worked alongside the venue team, and took care of speaker briefings and coordination.

Additionally, our team had a camera crew in tow to capture the event and interview participants about their experiences.


The work didn’t stop after the two-day event. To manage the inevitable post-event blues, we got to work to highlight many of the event’s key moments.

We shared a sleek post-event movie and picture gallery that perfectly captured the atmosphere and enthusiasm of the two days. To catch up on any missed moments we also shared recordings of several of the speaker sessions. And finally, we fired off a survey to gauge post-event opinions.


The post-event survey fed back overwhelmingly positive feedback. CDS team members gave the event a 4.76/5 SATISFACTION rating. The content shared with them throughout received a 4.68/5 APPROVAL rating.

Some of the highlights for the Janssen team included:

  1. Connection and networking
    The CDS team members hugely appreciated the quality time they got to spend with their colleagues and the opportunity to get to know each other better through informal activities.
  2. Information-sharing
    CDS colleagues fully embraced the opportunity to learn and exchange information throughout the event, both personal and professional. The booth sessions that allowed colleagues to get a snapshot of each other’s work was especially a team favorite.
  3. Insight into the bigger CDS picture
    The CDS team members hugely welcomed the chance to dive deeper into CDS’ brand-new strategy and get a better picture of the team’s vision and mission, and how they all contribute to it.


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