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Developing Strong Digital Lead Generation

For two decades, AviationManuals has made a name for itself in the business aviation industry with its operations manual services.

Few people were aware that the company also offered a safety management system software product, ARC, to enhance operational efficiency and help create safety cultures. So, when they launched the ARC app for iPad©, it was time to take brand awareness and lead generation to the next level.



Our efforts for AviationManuals had previously focused on media relations, social media, and blog writing for their manuals services. This time, we needed to promote ARC as its own standalone brand.

In addition to brand awareness, we also needed to increase the number of qualified leads for both brands. In other words, support AviationManuals in reaching more prospects for ARC and their manuals services, and turn those prospects into customers.


To achieve this goal, we recommended a comprehensive digital marketing approach. In the first phase, we enhanced the SEO of the AviationManuals website by creating an SEO-friendly web page for ARC, while optimizing the content and layout of other key product pages and implementing technical and graphical changes to improve the overall user experience.

We then launched a multi-phased Google Ads campaign with textual ads, display intent ads and a retargeting campaign. We made sure to direct each of these ads to dedicated landing pages. We tracked and monitored results and, updated the campaign settings regularly to refine target audiences and ensure the right people were seeing the ads. We also implemented several new tools to help block spam entries on the contact forms. We further raised brand awareness and drove traffic through social media, email marketing and thought leadership activities.

To top it all off, Mach Media delivered a brand-new analytics reporting dashboard to track and measure results in order to ensure that we and AviationManuals are focused on the right activities and making course corrections in a timely manner.


  1. Increased Visitors
    Prior to the implementation of our digital marketing strategy, the AviationManuals website received fewer than 750 unique visitors per month. The website now generates on average 3,400 targeted visitors per month —an increase of more than 350%!
  2. Boosted Conversion Rate
    AviationManuals also sees a consistent lead conversion rate of more than 3% — well above the industry average of 2.35%.
  3. Improved Lead Generation
    The landing pages are generating average lead conversion rates of 6% on the first visit, with AviationManuals reporting that over 90% of contact form submissions are qualified leads.

    Mach Media also recently developed a dedicated website just for ARC based on initial art direction and an existing brand framework for ARC. We delivered the wireframes, web design and content, and managed the web production process from A to Z, delivering a beautiful, intuitive site that certainly stands out in its industry.
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