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Track your progress. Introducing the Mach Media Marketing Health Check Dashboard.

Analyze your performance and share insights with real-time data. Our customizable dashboard syncs all your data sources into one centralized platform. The Mach Media Marketing Health Check is a business intelligence tool that enables you to efficiently track your progress and make better business decisions.

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Fully configurable

We understand that different industries have different targets, objectives, and metrics. That’s why we designed our reporting platform with great flexibility to accommodate business and industry-specific requirements.

Unlimited integration possibilities

Get a complete view of your marketing data. We built the Marketing Health Check Dashboard to connect and integrate all your data sources from social media to website analytics in one centralized dashboard.

Make better and informed decisions with automated reports

We make marketing reports easy. The Mach Media Marketing Health Check saves you time from manually extracting reports. The dashboard is equipped with pre-set data visualization template that lets you analyze and filter data so you can make better decisions efficiently. 

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