Suzi Lindquist

Account Manager, based in Belgium
+32 494 040 342

Social Media & PR Strategy | Content Creation | Copywriting & Editing


After 15 years in the US, with a B.A. in Intercultural Communication in hand, my interest in content creation took me to back to my first home city of Cape Town. It was while working at a social innovation/media/events NGO that I found out that I, too, wanted to be described with hyphens and ampersands instead of being a journalist, full stop.

This drive led to an MSc. in Strategic PR from the University of Stirling and Lund University, with an interest in all aspects of the communication process. My personal life brought me to Belgium, where I enjoyed positions in event management and digital marketing. Looking to return to my specialties led me to finally find the position I’d been searching for all along at Mach Media.

Outside of the office, I’m most likely with my family, friends, and my dog, a Frenchie. When I’m not online shopping or browsing Instagram, you’ll probably find me riding my bike around the city of Ghent, drinking a cup of coffee, or playing tennis.


American, Swedish