Robin Lauwaert

Account Executive, Based in Belgium
+32 495 99 97 86

Corporate Management | Digital Marketing | Social Media Strategy | SEO / Analytics | Sales


As Account Executive at Mach Media, I help clients and colleagues to execute projects. I frequently come up with fresh ideas, research new subjects, and write copy.

In 2016, I was the first-ever intern at Mach Media. I was a student and I wrote my thesis on expanding social media. It was written in the stars that I would come back and join the firm after I finished my studies. Some new faces have joined in the meantime and I love learning from our stronger team.

After finishing my Bachelor’s Degree in Corporate Management and my Postgraduate in Digital Marketing, I went to the United States where I lived in Hawaii to pursue my Cambridge English Certificate. During these studies I was part of the Student Leader program so I could help other students improve their English and social skills. Within the program I was very motivated and helped the school manage their events, which is why they promoted me to President of this initiative. I finished the exam at CEFR level C2 (native) and became Valedictorian of the school.

In my personal life I like to engage in power-lifting and playing volleyball. I also own a collection of beautiful electric guitars.

English, Dutch, French