Eli Zimmerman

Account Executive, based in the United States

Copywriting | Social Media Strategy | SEO/Analytics | Digital Marketing | Media Relations


As an account executive at Mach Media, I help our clients cut through the noise. Combing their specific voice with dedicated research and creativity, I compose content, across platforms, that will connect directly with their audiences.

My background, and passions, are based in traditional journalistic principles: presenting facts through compelling written, visual, and audio mediums, and acting as a megaphone for those who need to be heard. After graduating from the University of Maryland’s Philip Merrill College of Journalism, I pursued a career as a reporter covering the healthcare sector. I engaged with industry leaders on high-level topics in medical research, pharmaceuticals and government policy.

Before joining Mach Media, I worked with a leading information technology company, managing a part of their online content marketing program. I collaborated closely with executives from notable companies such as Google, IBM and Microsoft, to report on technological innovation and cybersecurity. In addition to content creation, my focuses included editorial calendaring, analytics and strategic planning.

I’m originally from Boston and am currently based out of Washington, D.C. In my personal life, I like to stay active, usually in the form of powerlifting or boxing. I also spend time collecting new recipes and expanding my library of podcasts.