Christine Kelly

Senior Business Developer, based in Belgium

Strategic Planning | Client Relations | Network Maximizing


Opportunity. Growth. Network. Maybe I’m sounding like a poorly written business brochure but these things really get me going, motivating me to get out of bed each day (oh, coffee helps too, of course). As Mach Media’s senior business developer, I spend my waking hours exploring exciting new opportunities and identifying areas for growth and potential. But the best part of my day, the cherry on top of the sundae, is meeting fascinating new people and building authentic relationships with them while expanding Mach Media’s global network.

Although I’m a California girl through and through, I’ve come to love my new home of Brussels, even when the sun doesn’t make an appearance for days. If you catch me away from my desk, I’ve either got my rollerblades or gardening gloves on (sometimes both!). While roaming Brussels by skates can prove to be quite difficult, my rollerblades are my favorite form of transportation and I try to use them wherever and whenever possible. Gardening is my other passion; I’m emotionally invested in the performance of the veggies and herbs I grow each year.

In need of some fresh basil? Or are you interested in knowing more about how Mach Media can help your company succeed? Either way, my inbox is open- let’s chat!

English, Portuguese