Our four-phase methodology – “the  Mach Media iMap” enables us, as your communications partner, to deliver high quality, effective internal or external campaigns and projects in a structured and measurable way.

    During this first “intake” phase, we gather all the input needed to make an educated assessment of your current situation. This is a deep-dive intelligence gathering exercise, which may include market research, an audit of current communications tools and channels, customer interviews and surveys.
    Next we create a strategic messaging framework. This document outlines your key messages and positioning at a glance. During this phase, we’ll also build your communication toolkit, including brand elements and visual identity, straplines, boilerplates, talking points, etc.: all of which serve as the foundation for all future communication and marketing initiatives.
  3. iMPACT
    With your brand and messaging foundation firmly in place, we will develop a roadmap of communication and marketing campaigns and will set a list of key performance indicators (KPIs), used to measure success, against each activity. Mach Media’s team will also oversee the successful execution of each initiative within the roadmap, carefully adjusting the course of action where necessary.
  4. iNSIGHT
    During the execution of the communications and marketing roadmap, each KPI is measured and reported upon. These insights are used to make recommendations for improvements or to replicate a similar approach in other areas of the strategy.

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