Mach Media works with a number of businesses and institutions within the aviation industry, implementing corporate branding, marketing campaigns (including the creation of supporting collateral), public relations, event management, digital marketing, websites, and digital and print custom publishing.

Check out Mach Media’s managing partner, Taunya Renson-Martin in an interview with Corporate Jet Investor, who asked a number of agencies that specialise in business aviation communications to explain the dark art of public relations and why they think companies should hire them.

Getting your message out: Public relations and business aviation


FlightStock – Tailored business aviation media

Mach Media’s initiative, Flightstock, is an industry-specific platform that ensures aviation organizations and publications can easily find appropriate content without shuffling through hours of stock imagery that doesn’t hit the mark. It steps away from staged, mundane and often uninspiring stock photos, in favor of diverse, tailored and modern imagery. FlightStock’s high-quality media, includes original photos and vectors by photographers and designers from around the globe.

Like what you see on Flightstock but prefer a tailored photoshoot? You can hire one of Flightstock’s contributing Business Aviation photographers. Click here to find out how.

Photographers, designers and users can sign up now! Visit www.FlightStock.com to find out more, and to check out the latest and greatest media that Flightstock has to offer!

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