Top 4 Best Design Tools for B2B Marketing

By Natalia Fabri-Romuzga | Feb 1, 2019

Want to boost your digital marketing engagement? Try these design tools to give your visual style some punch.

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Need help creating eye-popping visuals for your next campaign? We can help with that!

In the marketing world, image is everything. Although you may not have the budget to get professionally designed print and digital materials, with just a bit of time investment you can create them yourself! There are loads of great do-it-yourself (DIY) tools available for free, low-cost or already lurking on your computer. Check out some of our favorites below!

1. Canva Is Your B2B Marketing Visual Swiss Army Knife

Where to find it:

With Canva, you get an easy to use, online, cloud-based tool with built-in templates, fonts, images and illustrations you can immediately utilize.

Cost: Try it for free; you’ll get more options like collaboration and access to more photos and illustrations when you start paying.

Great for: Just about anything. There are helpful templates for most common business print needs like business cards, invitations and posters as well as digital templates like social media optimized memes and e-newsletter headers.

Cons: There might be too many options and you could spend too much time getting lost in the details. Other than that – none!

Learning curve: Low

2. Typorama Takes Your Graphic Design Mobile

Where to find it: Search your app store

Typorama is an intuitive mobile app with fun filters, great fonts and layouts right at your fingertips.

Cost: Try it for free; you’ll get more options when you pay the low fee to unlock.

Great for: Social media or basic and small fliers. Create memes by adding text to your images—search the free ones the app links to through or use a plain background to easily create shareable images. Add a watermark automatically as part of the paid version and see where your memes travel!

Cons: Super basic and best for digital marketers as image quality is not high enough for professional print materials.

Learning curve: Low

3. Piktochart Makes B2B Data Visualization Easy

Where to find it:

Piktochart is an online, cloud-based infographic creator for print, digital or presentations.

Cost: Try it for free; tiered monthly pricing for more options and collaboration.

Great for: Making text-based or quantitative information aesthetically appealing and more logically organized using customizable templates.

Cons: The free version does not provide a whole lot of options so paying the upgrade fee is highly recommended.

Learning curve: Low

4. Powerpoint: The Design Tool You Didn’t Know You Had

Where to find it: Probably already on your computer!

Not just for presentations anymore, this tool is a great way to create any print or digital material you need.

Cost: Might already be on your computer! If not, Microsoft has affordable software as a service options.

Great for: Everything except photo editing. Import images and illustrations, rearrange text and then save as a pdf or jpg to use in print or digital at any size. You can even easily create quantitative charts linking to data in Excel.

Cons: The hardest thing about using PowerPoint as a design tool, is realizing the potential of the tool outside of being presentation software. You can even export videos too!

Learning curve: With so many features, it is easy to get a little lost. Try a “For Dummies” book to get the lay of the land and do not forget to experiment!

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