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The Magic of Repurposed Content

The Magic of Repurposed Content

Chances are, there are many examples of good news throughout your organization, which can and should be shared with more people. Promoting examples of success internally helps build morale and motivates employees. And, sharing these stories externally helps develop a positive reputation among journalists, analysts, partners and – perhaps most importantly – potential clients.

This task is traditionally left to the Marketing department or outside agencies. They will take positive news and share it with your employees, the media and the public through tools such as press releases, newsletters, blog entries, case studies, speaking opportunities, social media posts, media pitches, white papers and other vehicles.

Of course, this can be time consuming. Creating effective communications takes thought and creativity. This is why so many companies decide to outsource their communications to outside consultants with deep expertise and resources (Like us! View our Services here.)

Are you getting the most mileage out of your good news?

There is an easy way to double, triple or even quadruple the amount of people viewing your content. By simply repurposing the same content, you will greatly expand the reach and influence of your PR and marketing efforts.

Take the example of a client case study. These usually detail a successful project for a customer with a “Problem-Solution-Results” format. After approvals are secured the case study will go up on the company web page and be used for collateral by the sales team.

This is good as far as it goes. Case studies go to the core of what services and products your company provides. Having third-party validation also speaks to how you will help other prospects solve their most pressing problems. But this important message can be spread to many more people by repurposing the same content into different forms.

The same information found in the case study can be repurposed with light incremental effort into the following forms:

●  Media pitches – reporters like speaking to end users who can talk openly about the products and services in the sectors they cover.
●  Bylined articles – these are articles written under the name of a company executive (often written by a communications person) that provide thought leadership and best practices to readers.
●  Social media – by merely offering a link and an enticing description to your social media followers you can reach many more people.
●  Speaking opportunities – there are numerous opportunities to speak before audiences who are interested in your products and services. Put the same information into a speaking abstract and start reaching these prospects.
●  Webinars – chances are, there are many more clients looking for someone to help them solve their most pressing problems. Why not reach them with a webinar detailing how you have helped current customers solve similar issues?

These are just five potential ways to repurpose content but there are many more vehicles. These include press releases, white papers, awards, analyst briefings, newsletter articles, PowerPoints and more. Whatever form these messages take, it involves using the same content – already carefully developed – to reach many more people.

As noted, sharing the good news that exists throughout your organization is critical to motivating employees and gaining new customers. Why not reach as many people as possible?

Need help recycling your good content? Or understanding how to recycle yourself? Contact us!