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The Mach Media Intern Experience of Robin Lauwaert

The Mach Media Intern Experience of Robin Lauwaert

Name: Robin Lauwaert
Internship: Mach Media
Function: Marcom Project Assistant
Native language: Dutch
Working language: English
City: Ghent, Belgium
Period: 21/03/2016 – 03/06/2016

While currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in corporate management, with a concentration in marketing, I am finishing my internship here at Mach Media. During my time here, I’ve met some great people, worked on a variety of projects and even enjoyed myself.

When I first stepped into the office for the job interview, I immediately felt the vibe that is Mach Media. A warm and friendly welcome quickly got rid of the stress that I had when arriving at the meeting, and the interview itself was light with the occasional joke. After my interview, I was already looking forward to working here.

On my first day, I was immediately given a laptop, set up with a professional e-mail address and multiple accounts for software programs that Mach Media uses, such as Redbooth, Box, Skype, Canva, etc. I was taught how to work with them, and it didn’t take long before I felt at home. As they had just bought new office chairs, they even put together a new chair for me so that I would feel more welcome. Afterward, I got a tour around the office and we covered the basics. A great first day experience.

As the days and weeks progressed, I was given the opportunity to help and work on all different types of projects. My primary task was to research and manage the social media channels. In doing so, I was authorized to create and launch the official Mach Media Facebook page. I ultimately ended up changing my thesis subject, because I was learning tons of useful information and insights from the work that I was doing. I was also allowed to join multiple meetings and workshops to learn how they are effectively managed and to get a feel for how they work.

Theoretical versus practical: Students often think ‘I will never have to use this theory when I grow up,’ and although I didn’t have to use the Pythagorean Theorem, I was surprised of how much theory I could apply while working here. Reflecting upon the theory I studied in corporate management was a great basis for my first work experience in a marketing communications bureau.

While writing my thesis, “Strategical advice on the creation and expansion of social media channels for Mach Media,” I could always count on the help of my colleagues, who were always there to support me for work-related and even personal matters. Therefore, a big shout out to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone working at Mach Media!

Robin’s travel tip: If you are visiting Mach Media – or Ghent in general – try to leave your car at home. Parking in the city is very expensive, and the parking tickets are outrageous. Public transport is my personal preference, but a bike will get you where you need to be as well.

Robin’s food tip: When you are visiting or if you are in the area and you are hungry, there aren’t many places to go to for a quick bite. Except for ‘Breadfast,’ however, which might be the only sandwich bar within walking distance, but it is a damned good one. I would definitely recommend having a meal there.

By Robin Lauwaert, Intern