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The Mach Media Intern Experience of Astrid Benoit

The Mach Media Intern Experience of Astrid Benoit

Name: Astrid Benoit
Internship: Mach Media
Function: Management Assistant
Native language: English & Dutch
Working language: English
City: Ghent, Belgium

In order to complete my studies – a bachelor’s degree in Business Management with a major in Marketing – I first had to do an internship of three months. That happened to be here at Mach Media.

For my first day, I was only slightly nervous, because I had already been put completely at ease during the interview. This first day was far from the usual first-day horror story. Everything had been set up for me: a desk, a computer, my e-mail, my logins for Redbooth and Box, etc. I was taken through all the tools carefully and everything was explained and shown to me. What I particularly appreciated on that first day is that everyone on the team took 15 minutes of their time to introduce themselves and have a little chat. I went home with an optimistic feeling.

That feeling did not go away in the following three months. Time simply flew by – and the well-known saying “time flies when you’re having fun” was certainly applicable here. There were a whole number of things I could tick off my bucket list, such as attending my first-ever client meeting, being an extra in a commercial and writing a whitepaper.

However, even though Mach Media’s nature is playful, there lies a strong work ethic behind it. I found myself experiencing deadlines, meeting client demands and working together with my colleagues on various projects. My tasks largely consisted of assisting on various projects for clients (for example, developing a competitive positioning analysis), doing research for business development and helping out with administrative and management tasks.

Looking back, I can say that this was a huge learning experience. I was pushed off the deep end, but my colleagues were always ready to help if I had questions and I have to admit that I learned things a lot quicker this way. What surprised me is how much theory is still applicable in a real-life working situation.

In short, the Intern Experience is definitely worth it. A big thank you goes out to my colleagues for making it so awesome!

Astrid’s Food Tip: if you want something more sustainable than a “belegd broodje” (a sandwich), the nearby restaurant Fabula Rasa provides very good, hearty meals.

By Astrid Benoit, Management Assistant Intern