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The Dos and Don’ts of Top Presentations

The Dos and Don’ts of Top Presentations

Within the realm of B2B marketing, few communication materials are as ubiquitous as Powerpoint presentations.

Over the years many contenders have attempted to claim their piece of the pie (Keynote, Prezi, Powtoon, SlideRocket,, etc.) but none have thus far been able to dethrone Microsoft’s +25-year-old presenting tool as the industry standard.

So how do you – as a client – go about getting an agency to turn your informative yet boring presentation into a beautiful masterpiece of communication?

Below are some basic rules for you (and your agency) to take into account before handing your raw file over to a designer:


Be prepared 
Regardless of your expertise and experience, preparing your presentation well in advance is crucial.

Follow the master
Setting up basic master slides, defining a color palette and deciding on a general style for graphics before you start will significantly cut down on production time and will help keep your presentation consistent.

It is better to distribute content evenly over multiple slides rather than to overwhelm your audience with too much information all at once.

Edit ruthlessly
No matter how long you’ve spent researching and structuring information into your slides, be willing to cut if it turns out the information doesn’t really contribute to your presentation.

Make it pretty
Be clever with the use of graphics. Generally, large images work well to help tell your story, so long as they don’t interfere with the legibility of your content. When using icons and colorful elements, make sure they adhere to the brand guidelines.

Anticipate interaction
People may have questions or remarks. Anticipating interactions when creating your content and being willing to engage with the audience either during or shortly after your presentation, is therefore crucial.


Don’t overanimate
You should only apply animations and transitional effects that match the structure of your slides’ content. Nobody likes having to wait for each individual character, or even each word or sentence, to fly into the screen before the message appears.

Not in the typeface
Stick with a selection of one or two typefaces and only use different fonts when it is really needed.

Never mind the bullets
Try to avoid making every slide an endless bullet list. It gets repetitive.

Steer clear of text effects
Avoid unnecessary drop shadows, 3D effects, and gradient text, they only cause distractions. Also, don’t use clipart. Ever.

To most companies, managers and executives, presentations are considered as one of the most important and frequently used communication materials through which ideas are conveyed to a variety of audiences.  Poor PowerPoint presentations lead to confusion, they cheapen your idea and risk devaluing your brand. To help prevent this from happening,

Mach Media has launched a brand new service called ‘Pro-Presentations’ with the goal to leverage companies with engaging and visually compelling PowerPoint presentations.

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Mike Vlieghe, Creative Director