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Feb 3, 2020

Culture and Marketing: 6 Things European Companies Should Avoid When Marketing in the U.S.

For European companies, extending marketing efforts to the U.S. can feel a bit like navigating the wild west. However, not just anything goes. Here are six things to avoid when crafting/translating your messaging for a U.S. audience.

Jan 16, 2020

Tips From an Outsider: What You Can Learn About Internal Communication From an External Agency

Our agency frequently works on internal communications projects for our clients, especially in life sciences. As an external agency, we have a unique perspective – we get to dive into our client’s spaces. Each company has a different communication strategy, and each team and department, its own spin. Here are a few outsider perspectives on internal communications.

Dec 12, 2019

Web Summit, Digital Marketing and 2020 Tech Trends

Web Summit is an annual 4-day event with 70,000+ participants and 1200 speakers. With one large keynote stage, in a stadium, there are multiple side-stages for start-ups, VCs and established companies to present on new trends and emerging technologies. It's often called “the Olympics for geeks." One of the big draws for me was the [...]

Oct 4, 2019

Need a Great Read? Try Our Top 5 Marketing Books

Technology changes fast: thousands of blogs are written per nanosecond, billions of videos are being uploaded, viewed and shared, AND seemingly gazillions of social media posts are spurring people to action, seriously, are books even still relevant? We think so! Here are our top five “must-read” marketing books – some are brand-spanking-new, and some super-duper [...]