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Archives: News

Feb 2, 2016

Hired: Keir Bonine – Senior Consultant

Mach Media is happy to welcome Keir Bonine as a Sr. Consultant in Europe, helping to advise and guide international organizations as they design and implement marketing communications strategies. With a strong background in communications and copywriting, as well as experience supporting companies within the aerospace, automotive, transport & logistics, chemicals, life sciences, and technology […]

Sep 8, 2015

A piece of us can give you peace of mind

Has your communications or marketing professional gone on maternity or paternity leave? Is an unexpected long-term absence threatening to throw your communication strategy off track? A number of companies turn to Mach Media’s team of Consultants to provide temporary or long-term in-house support for their marketing and/or communications activities. Whether it’s for three weeks, three […]

Jun 10, 2015

Is it Time for a Communications Audit?

Given that it is tax season in the U.S., I use the word audit advisedly. But communication is a year-round event so, unlike an IRS audit, it is never a bad time for a communications audit. In fact, organizations should always be thinking of new and better ways to get their messages out to the public […]

Jun 8, 2015

The Magic of Repurposed Content

Chances are, there are many examples of good news throughout your organization, which can and should be shared with more people. Promoting examples of success internally helps build morale and motivates employees. And, sharing these stories externally helps develop a positive reputation among journalists, analysts, partners and – perhaps most importantly – potential clients. This […]