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Archives: News

Mar 5, 2018

FlightStock Launched

FlightStock has officially taken off! After months of hard work behind the scenes, the world’s first business aviation image bank is live and ready for use.  FlightStock contains high-quality media, including original photos and vectors by photographers and designers from around the globe. Business Value FlightStock steps away from staged, mundane and often uninspiring stock […]

Feb 1, 2018

Need temp comms support? Try in-sourcing, so your business doesn’t skip a beat

Life happens. A key member of your marketing/communications team needs to take a short leave of absence. Should you place an ad on LinkedIn, your company website, or turn to a temp agency? There is another solution for hiring an efficient temp. Try your trusted marketing/communications partner for possible in-sourcing of a competent resource. This is an especially attractive […]

Jan 16, 2018

Happy Birthday, Mach Media!

Today, Mach Media is proud to be blowing out ten candles! We’d first and foremost like to thank our clients for their trust and loyalty, our employees for always going that extra mile, and our followers, friends and families for being our number one champions. To mark this milestone, we’ve created a brand-new website and […]

Jan 2, 2018

Creatively Solving Customer Problems

All business is fundamentally about helping your customers solve problems. The challenge is when we must educate a customer about a problem that they didn’t know they had or that they didn’t know you could help them solve. Several large companies have recently launched high-profile and unique campaigns doing exactly this—engaging current and future customers […]