Mach Media CARES: Our Values Are at the Heart of Our Company Culture

By Taunya Renson-Martin | Sep 26, 2019

Mach Media’s five core values inform everything - who we are as individuals and as a team, and the essence of how we engage with our amazing clients, suppliers and, quite frankly, all who enter our universe.

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So what are our core values?

   We are fully committed to supporting our customers and colleagues.
   The buck stops here.
   You can always count on us.
   We add value in everything we do.
   We find, not a quick solution, not a convenient solution, but the best solution.

Mach Media CARES.
We never settle. We always challenge.

Of course, drafting a nifty list of company values is pretty easy. How do we actually live them?

Bringing our values to life

Not for us is the hollow practice of hanging values posters on the wall as convenient office decorations. Nope, we work hard to ensure our values are embedded in everything we do, from hiring, development and giving feedback, to integrating them into our brand promise and using them to gauge the success of our interactions with clients and each other.

To achieve this, we’ve translated our values into specific and measurable actions. And these actions become our individual and collective habits.

Here’s an example:

Customer-centric? We’ve agreed that a specific way to demonstrate customer-centricity is to adhere to a series of Mach Media-defined questions during a client briefing meeting that help to ensure we’ve well understood their needs, challenges and expectations. At the end of the meeting, after much listening (that’s key!), we summarize what we’ve heard and close the discussion by asking, “Do you feel that we’ve well understood your requirements?”

To that question, we aim to hear clients reply “Yes” 100% of the time, which will confirm that we have successfully shaped the meeting around their concerns and not egoistically around our own preconceived notions or big creative ideas.

So yes, Mach Media CARES. A lot. About everything we do. If you find this intriguing, or better yet, if you and your company want to be CAREd for, then Contact us today!