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Branding a Boutique Brokerage

Branding a Boutique Brokerage

When Lianna D’Angelo, Principal Broker and Owner of Sotera Living, decided to open her own real estate brokerage in Orlando, FL’s highly competitive real estate market, she aspired to create something unique.

Orlando is undoubtedly best known for its theme parks. What’s less known is that this city, which is among the fastest growing in the US, is also home to many unique districts that are cultural havens for farm-to-table dining, art galleries, live music venues, craft brews and vintage boutiques. D’Angelo’s vision was to create a boutique brokerage that is fully immersed in the community where she lives and conducts business, and closely connected to the local businesses that serve those who buy homes in the area – from local restaurants and coffee shops to artists and musicians.

“I wanted a brand that is meaningful to me and not just something that screams real estate,” says D’Angelo. Sotera is the Greek goddess of protection and salvation. D’Angelo, who is part Greek, chose the name Sotera Living to signify that her goal is to help people find a haven where they feel safe, relaxed and comfortable. “We are a lifestyle-based brokerage. We focus on helping people figure out what makes them happy so that we can help them find their perfect home,” says D’Angelo. She admits that when she started the business, she thought she could do it all herself, including all of the marketing and branding. “I was wrong,” she shrugs. “When I looked at the business cards I had designed myself, I realized they looked like I was the owner of a Greek restaurant. I thought to myself, is this a company that is going to sell million-dollar homes? Probably not.”

D’Angelo set out to find someone who had the expertise and ability to guide her in building her professional brand. While D’Angelo already had a clear vision for her brand and told us what she wanted, Mach Media wasn’t afraid to dig deeper. “Most agencies I encountered just ask you what you want and they execute it no questions asked,” says D’Angelo. “Mach Media was different. They were proactive and wanted to know me as a person, what my vision is, what makes me excited, what makes me uncomfortable. Then they took all that information and applied it to the project to ensure it was all encapsulated within my brand, supporting my business goals. It completely took the stress off of me. I was excited to see what the outcome was going to be and it was beyond what I expected.” Mach Media took Sotera Living through its first year in business: from developing the brand messages and the logo, through the Grand Opening and a cohesive marketing strategy.

“Mach Media pushed me forward. They helped me define more precisely how I want to position my brand and my services. As a business owner, I am always running around, wearing 10 different hats, but I don’t think I would be where I am now without the expertise and marketing support of Mach Media. It’s an investment that absolutely pays off. Every time I give someone my business card, my brand gives me a level of confidence that is priceless.” – Lianna D’Angelo, Owner, Sotera Living

The process and methodology Mach Media used to help Sotera Living define its brand and refine its positioning in the market, has inspired D’Angelo to change her own approach to how she deals with her clients. “When you can create an experience, you have a client for life. Mach Media created an experience for me. And I now do the same for all my buyers and sellers,” explains D’Angelo. “What Mach Media has done for me truly shines through my work on a daily basis.”


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