Fresh Baked: 10 Marketing Ideas for Your Business

By Taunya Renson-Martin | Jul 5, 2019

Are you stuck trying to find new ways to reach your customers? Need a little help that doesn’t break the bank? Check out our 10 fresh marketing ideas and pick up at least one to try today!

Some are digital while others work best in real life (IRL). There’s a lot that’s free and almost all of them are do-it-yourself (DIY). A few are old school, let’s get nostalgic!

  1. User Generated Content – People like you and your service/product. Encourage customers to post photos/video/stories on social media using your product or service and give them a hashtag in your bio that allows you to repost customers (“Use #ilovedogs to be featured”). This creates community and more people are likely to buy something their friends or someone they trust recommends. It’s also 100% free.

    Need to learn how to use social? Let us teach you, learn more here!

    Tool: Any social

  2. Google Ad Words – It’s the best “cents-on-the-dollar” you’ll spend! Make sure you’ve got your Google Analytics set up and track what words drive people to your website by also reviewing competitors’ ad words. Google does much of the hard work for you and offers suggestions through regular automated check-ups that you can implement or ignore.
    Tool: Google Ad Words and Analytics, free to view, pay to play
  3. Website Pop-up – For newsletter or for a download to capture email addresses. While some people say they are annoying, they are also super effective (more so than a sidebar option) for gathering actual contact information of potential clients. Make a compelling reason for them to pony up that info like a free study, white paper or trial of your service.
    Tool: MailMunch, free with an email marketing tool
  4. Email Marketing (see our post here!)– This doesn’t sound fresh! Still, email marketing is the cheapest way to directly contact people that have bought from you or are likely to buy.  Keep your emails interesting with catchy subject lines and track what information actually gets click throughs to provide more of those. Set a rule for how often you email and stick to it. People should look forward to your emails, not automatically delete them.
    Tool: ConstantContact, MailChimp, MyEmma
  5. Recycle/Repackage Content – Wrote an awesome blog post a few years ago? Cut it up and repost on social media. Made a video that has some great statistics? Make a social media meme that is easily shareable. You don’t have to create new content all the time – recycle/repurpose and create micro-content: bite sized pieces of information appropriate for sharing out of awesome content you already have.
    Tool:, Typorama or Studio (Apps) make professional memes in minutes!
  6. Make More Video – Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Use video to communicate to your audience on social media, in email newsletters and on your website or blog (or both!) “But that sounds expensive” – try Lumen5, our fav free tool that takes existing content like a blog post or copy/pasted document and turns it into a video with images and sound in minutes.
  7. Review Sites – Popular ones for B2C businesses include Yelp or Google, there are others for your industry. Make sure your info is correct (most offer a free ability to claim your listing) and check out what people are saying. This can help you frame future marketing efforts and also uncover great things to highlight or things to fix in your operations.
    Tool: Yelp, Google, RateMyProfessor
  8. Retargeting – A bit trickier to DIY. This is why you go to a website and then you keep seeing ads for that website everywhere you go – it’s because they installed a cookie in your browser. Effective and unobtrusive, many companies are using this.
  9. Make it Local – Where do your customers go? IRL and online? Find a way to reach them there in a targeted way rather than blasting your content into the void. You’d be surprised how many fliers on the back of bathroom stalls work for generating leads!
    Tool: any social/the internet for research
  10. Develop Partnerships – Find other companies that offer complementary services/products and you’ve immediately doubled your sales force. Can’t find someone in person? Partner digitally and share blog posts and cross-post each other’s social with a formal referral agreement or an informal handshake.
    Tool: any social/the internet for research

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