Umicore – Brand Alignment and Strategic Positioning

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The stakeholders of Umicore, both at Headquarters and throughout the business units, were rationally convinced of the need to unify their disparate brands and tie themto the Umicore master-brand for the benefit of better shareholder value. Furthermore, Umicore needed assistance with helping their business units and HQ personnel execute the master-brand/sub-brand architecture with excellence, knowing it is a Best Practice of world-class brands like Umicore.


For all strategic initiatives, Mach Media implements the IMAP steps to find a solution for our clients’ challenges.

Mach Media’s assignment included:

  • Validating the alignment of the WHO (Target), WHAT (Brand Promise), and HOW (Reasons to Believe) of the Umicore brand with its strategic positioning and execution
  • Evolving the existing Umicore visual identity creatively, if necessary
  • Demonstrating how Umicore brand identity ought to work in “new media” creatively
  • Ensuring compliance of the brand identity among internal stakeholders

Whenever possible, MachMedia implements the IMAP steps to solve client needs.

  • Intelligence: Organization-wide research and discovery of facts
  • Integration: Synthesizing those facts and findings, and presenting Umicore with key conclusions
  • Impact: The development and presentation of an action plan
  • Insight: The planning and measuring of implementation

MM support included:

  • Leading from start-to-finish with a positive attitude, a hands-on style, and available to Umicore at a moment’s notice
  • Interpreting all existing, available research and information into meaningful insights
  • Conducting primary research, end-to-end
  • Distilling primary research, synthesizing all of the disparate issues into meaningful Key Findings and Conclusions
  • Leveraging decades of business, marketing, branding and creative expertise to craft an effective, results-oriented Action Plan
  • Communicating the Action Plan recommendations cogently and succinctly
  • Inspiring action among the Leaders, stakeholders, and throughout Umicore to “be the brand”
  • Coaching (ongoing) to encourage behavioral change and best practices
  • Brand Identity & Design creativity at a world-class level
  • Project Management with attention to detail, helpfulness, and team-play

The result was a uniform brand alignment strategy developed in the form of consolidated Brand Asset Rules (which serve as brand guidelines), and an organization-wide content management system, the Brand Asset Bank.

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