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Project: Internal Communication Plan

Solvay was keen to explore how it could design an internal communication strategy that engaged and informed all 30,000 of its employees (including those working in plants), no matter where they were located in the Group’s worldwide plants.


Whenever possible Mach Media follows the IMAP steps to reach a solution for client needs.

  • Mach Media helped lead a project team of Solvay communicators at Corporate, Business, Site and Functional levels to develop a vision for internal communication at Solvay by 2020.
  • As part of that team, we conducted a Groupwide survey of “the present” state of internal communication, and conducted several plant visits to get an “on the ground” qualitative assessment from employees who are notoriously hard to reach because they are not PC-bound.
  • Based on the assessment, the team devised a communication vision.

  • The team designed a roadmap from the AS IS situation in 2016 taking us to the TO BE situation in 2020.

Recommendations focused on:

  • Reducing the amount of, and harmonizing internal newsletters
  • Introducing a central newsletter and KPIs in order to track and benchmark success of newsletter readership
  • Introducing digital signage
  • Integrating “social” in the Intranet with commenting and ‘like’ functionalities
  • Introducing Machine Translation in the Intranet to auto translate into local languages
  • Introducing editorial training workshops for all communicators across the Group
  • Eliminating all paper magazines
  • Developing a coherent and consistent structuring of News Boards located in plants

Mach Media continues to support the rollout of these initiatives as an integrated member of the company’s Corporate Communication team. Specific oversight is on corporate intranet and internet editorial/storytelling and editorial training.

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