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Janssen Pharmaceuticals

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Janssen Pharmaceuticals, part of the Johnson & Johnson group of companies, provides innovative medicines for an array of health concerns. Janssen sought to consolidate disparate marketing efforts across the EMEA region. Previously, many of its local operating companies created dynamic ads and materials for local markets, but their best practices and ideas were not systematically shared and leveraged across the enterprise. Such a decentralized approach also increased risks for branding inconsistencies and potential compliance issues.

Janssen sought to implement a process and technology to help consolidate the collaboration, approval and sharing of their marketing materials. Unfortunately, an added difficulty was that Janssen had already tried to implement a tool to do this just a few years earlier, but it was neither “user friendly nor future proof,” which only added to the frustration of employees.

When Janssen EMEA launched an initiative to find a new tool and, as well, optimize their collaborative process, Mach Media was brought in to lead the communications aspect of the project, which comprised the selection, roll out, and integration of the new platform. Named UNITAS, Latin for “unity,” the new process and tool selected allowed Janssen to consolidate and share marketing materials among 3,000 people across the entire enterprise.

Over a two-year period, Mach Media promoted UNITAS through a campaign of newsletters, workshops and trainings designed to embed the UNITAS “way of working” into the company culture. Mach Media focused on targeted communication actions to achieve buy in from senior management, direct users, and process enablers. Continuous feedback and transparent communication were the pillars of this successful roll out.

Today, UNITAS is very much part of Janssen’s approach for the development of marketing and educational materials, with hundreds of campaigns archived and shared across the platform every week.

Steps Taken(iMAP)

Participated in weekly project team meetings and ad hoc user groups to gather feedback on employee needs and desires for a tool that would enable collaboration, approval and sharing.

Developed a messaging framework for the project. Identified key stakeholder groups and outlined a communication strategy per target group.

Created the process/tool name – UNITAS – and designed the logo and visual identity. Developed and designed all communication tools, to include newsletters, greeting cards, gifts and presentations. Wrote articles to promote the project within Janssen Internal Communications channels.

Created and launched a series of surveys to monitor feedback and satisfaction of users. Analyzed results and developed, together with the project team, recommendations to continually optimize the experience of the users. This feedback was also used to demonstrate the effectiveness of the tool to senior management.