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Janssen Pharmaceuticals

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With the launch of its new change management program, Customer Interaction Excellence (CIE), Janssen’s Customer Excellence Department wanted to find an easy way to communicate to its internal stakeholders about CIE’s core customer processes and improve competencies in this area. To do so, they needed training modules which could be easily communicated, viewed, re-used, and from which data could be extracted.


For all strategic initiatives, Mach Media implements the IMAP steps to find a solution for our clients’ challenges.

  • Mach Media has worked with internal Customer Interaction Excellence core processes and representatives to develop the storyline for the e-Masterclass modules. Furthermore, MM has led the way on end-to-end production, quality control, communication and the evaluation of these e-Masterclasses. The e-Masterclasses were created with the intent of being re-used as PPTs at events, meetings, and between colleagues.
  • MM support included: Concept creation, copywriting, storyboarding, production, project management/quality control, strategic consulting, metrics collection, and follow-up.
  • The result was the creation and communication of extremely well-received e-Masterclasses: Targeting, Segmentation, Call Messages, Janssen Medical Cloud, Project 360, Multichannel Plan of Action, Customer Services, Campaign Management, and Stakeholder Partnership Planning. More are in the pipeline for 2017/2018. The need for ongoing e-Masterclasses is showcased by the fact that already most of them have been localized in OpCos’ respective languages.

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