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Project: Social Media

ExecuJet wanted to accomplish the following in their social media marketing:

  • Move marketing dollars earmarked for print ads over to digital marketing for better tracking and metrics, and to analyze what people want and provide data-driven insights
  • Make content that is more engaging and interesting for audiences
  • Directly target content to different audiences – operators, charter brokers, principal passengers
  • Modernize the company image by engaging with new media, versus old print
  • Drive people to request charter and measure how social media referrals contribute to web traffic


For all strategic initiatives, Mach Media implements the IMAP steps to find a solution for our clients’ challenges.

  • We target engaging and interesting content to different audiences – including operators, charter brokers, and principal passengers
  • We provide regular reports on channel metrics and analytics and use these reports to optimize content across channels based on data-driven insights
  • We have also started to engage followers with video content, which has led to an 11% increase in website traffic


  • When comparing two periods YOY, social media as a referral source to ExecuJet’s website grew by 35%, and the number of new visitors referred to the website by social media grew by 67%, highlight the growing importance of social media outreach.
  • By the end of Q1 2017, social media was generating 15% of all website traffic. Organic (unpaid) social media also overtook paid search ad traffic, as the 4th largest referral traffic source to ExecuJet.com.
  • We executed a campaign that included a LinkedIn Sponsored Update ad, as well as an email and postcard campaign. The call-to-action was to book a consultation with an ExecuJet compliance expert at the business aviation industry’s biggest tradeshow in Europe. The LinkedIn ad, in conjunction with the postcard and email campaign, resulted in upward of 10 meetings scheduled at the tradeshow. The campaign’s average engagement rate of 2.78% and average click-through rate (CTR) of 2.32% was also well above the average LinkedIn sponsored content engagement rate of 0.3-0.5%; and the email campaign had a CTR of 10.59%.

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