Entrada Group PR Case Study 1

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Entrada Group

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How do you best create an exclusive, overseas event (3-day onsite prospect tour of manufacturing sites in 3 states in Mexico) as well as the promotion leading up to that event?

The client wanted to attract prospects who would tour their facility in Zacatecas, Mexico, as well as visit nearby manufacturing locations in the area for benchmarking. Past history had proven onsite visits to be beneficial in generating new business. However, a perennial challenge remained – how to persuade their prospects, C-level executives from small- and midsize manufacturing companies, to take time out of their schedule for a visit to Mexico. Especially for three business days. Furthermore, because the client was investing substantial money in the initiative, including chartering two aircraft, they needed Mach Media to heavily promote the trip to ensure maximum ROI.

Mach Media created a compelling, integrated campaign to encourage prospects to join Entrada for three days in Mexico. Reaching senior leadership is always challenging. So we led an integrated outreach campaign by email, hard mail and telephone, with multiple touchpoints to a hard-to-reach audience. Thematically, the campaign focused on not just cost savings that manufacturers could experience through Mexican operations, but also new growth opportunities they would realize. The campaign promised visitors a unique chance to meet in Mexico on-the-ground with plant managers, executives and government officials.

As a result of Mach Media’s integrated outreach efforts, Entrada Group hosted eight C-level executives from five prospect companies. The tour of Zacatecas, Guanajuato and Querétaro states in Mexico stopped at numerous industrial parks, training centers and technology parks, where visitors learned a lot about the working environment in central Mexico. Post-tour, we wrote about the trip and included highlights of it in various Entrada outreach channels, to share the experience with other prospects and further leverage the experience.

Steps Taken(iMAP)

For Entrada, getting people to do a site visit is an essential step in their sales cycle, which could last over several years. So we started by identifying their prospects who had registered the most engagements with Entrada over recent months (most web page views, materials downloaded, conversations with principals, etc.). We identified a target list of prospects.

We then led an integrated campaign to invite them on the trip: Initial postcard, hard mail campaign with materials, followups by email, followups by phone. These people are all C-level executives, so persistence and outreach by all channels was essential. Once we secured interest, we quickly arranged the travel by charter aircraft, hotel lodging and other logistics. We also had to prepare for them an extensive agenda for the three days, coordinate the schedule with the client, prepare a backgrounder binder on all destinations for the visitors and handle any special requests. Eight people from five companies agreed to participate.

It isn’t everyday that you have the undivided attention of your most targeted prospects – much less for 3 days straight. The trip enabled Entrada to get to know these people better, learn their concerns and priorities, and to showcase their expertise in a very personal way. The attendees all had a wonderful trip and learned a lot about Manufacturing in Mexico as a result. Entrada had 3 full days of unfettered access to the prospects. None of them have signed a contract yet, but this is usual. Entrada feels the trip was a good investment and was pleased with the result.

We used the writeup page after the event as a topic in the prospect newsletter. This trip could be something repeated every year or two, perhaps on a smaller scale due to the high expense.