Entrada Group – Web Design, Development and Content

Client Info

Client Name :
Entrada Group

Type of Industry :
Manufacturing Services

Client Need

Entrada Group wanted a completely new website. Thematically, the client wanted its new website to be more outward-focused on the audience (clients, prospects, decisionmakers) rather than inward-focused on Entrada and its services. Entrada requested a more dynamic and engaging web experience that could provide an increase in lead generation, result in an intuitive and friendly audience experience, and deliver interesting and informative content about manufacturing in Mexico.


Mach Media worked with a web development partner to implement a new WordPress theme based on our client-approved design and wireframes. The client wanted a website that would be informative and educational, rather than a heavy sales pitch about their services.

To highlight the aspects of how Entrada Group’s approach facilitates client growth, we created the Client Stories section of the site, where we highlight successes of some of Entrada’s clients while demonstrating Entrada’s value-added capabilities as part of the narrative. For these stories, we interviewed several employees onsite in Central Mexico, in order to get to the heart of why Entrada’s services, approach and expertise enable their clients to grow, solve problems or expand into new product categories.

We also developed a custom animation to explain Entrada’s unique and complex manufacturing support platform, which is core to their service delivery but difficult to visualize and understand easily. The new animation will be used on the website, at events and conferences and in early-stage customer outreach.

Finally, because the German-speaking market is essential to Entrada Group, the site was translated and delivered in both German and English.

The Results

Entradagroup.com recently launched and Mach Media kicked off a supporting Google AdWords Campaign to further promote the new site. The campaign resulted in a 50% traffic increase and a 147% increase in goal conversions.