Belgian Embassy Day

Partner Info

Partner Name :
Embassy of Belgium in the United States

Type of Industry :
International Embassy

Partner Need

Every year the Embassy of Belgium participates in the European Union Delegation to the USA’s E.U. Open House event, a celebration of European culture, cross-Atlantic partnership and business opportunity. During the event held in Washington D.C., embassies from the E.U. open their doors to the public, to showcase what their home country has to offer. It is far and away the largest event hosted by the Belgian Embassy every year, attracting up to 5,000 people over the course of six hours.

Mach Media partnered with the Embassy of Belgium to promote the event through social media. The Embassy’s goal was to help spread the word about their event and encourage people to consider Belgium for a variety of different reasons, including tourism, education, investment and as an important member nation in support of the U.S. – E.U. partnership.

In addition to promoting the Embassy of Belgium via our Social Media channels, Mach Media also hosted a table during the daylong Open House event. Mach Media used the opportunity to educate the (largely) American audience about Belgium, and to promote Mach Media’s marketing communications consulting services as well as an upcoming partnership event with the Embassy, Doing Business in Belgium: Trade & Investment Opportunities.


Mach Media created several fun and educational items for the event: three postcards on How to BE a Belgian; an online trivia game “The Ultimate Belgian Trivia Challenge,” for visitors to play while waiting in the long line before entering the Embassy; and Facebook Live-streamed the event on Mach Media’s Facebook page.

The Results

Our social and digital efforts generated a 60% increase in Mach Media website visits during the day, with an average time-on-site of 2 minutes 45 seconds. Our trivia video garnered 518 views and 336 people viewed our Facebook Live Video.

The Embassy of Belgium was impressed with our results and Mach Media further cemented the partnership with a key influencer.

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