EBAA – Spokesperson training

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Client Name :
European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)

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Client Need

EBAA’s new CEO and President both required media training.


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  • Even in today’s world with tectonic shifts in the media landscape, good media relations remain imperative for any business. While the scope of PR has broadened well beyond traditional news outlets, understanding the media landscape, knowing how to pitch effectively, and being adept at handling a difficult or even hostile questions are all valuable skills – whether dealing with a journalist of an online magazine, an influential niche blogger, a social media advocacy publicist, or a television talk show host
  • In Mach Media’s Media Training workshop, we covered theory, but mostly provided an immersive experience with simulated press interviews, and tools and tricks to become an eloquent spokesperson and captivating storyteller for the industry

We covered:

  • How to manage the changing media landscape – and assert influence
  • How to handle the press – and build lasting relationships
  • How to keep control over a message-driven vs. a question-driven interview
  • How to build – and convey – strong key messages
  • How to tell the brand story effectively and compellingly through simulated media interviews

They practiced:

  • Warm-up interviews: short, standing interview (as if at an event) with straightforward, friendly questions
  • Profile interviews: friendly talk show style interview with personal and topic expert questions
  • Issues interviews: challenging interview with suggestive, rhetorical and hostile questions about corporate and industry issues
  • The workshop also covered basic presentation skills: voice, body language, intonation…
  • After the workshop, participants received personalized recommendations and their interview recordings

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