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When Eastman acquired Taminco in December 2014, Taminco’s Animal Nutrition business was due to exhibit in Atlanta, USA at IPPE – one of the world’s largest animal feed industry exhibitions – only one month later; with all messaging,  artworks and supporting collateral already designed and approved (but not yet produced) by Taminco. Would they continue to exhibit as Taminco? Or would they change everything and exhibit as Eastman?


Whenever possible, Mach Media implements the IMAP steps to solve client needs.

  • Mach Media proposed a hybrid solution
  • This allowed Taminco to be profiled as now being part of Eastman.
  • Mach Media redesigned the booth graphics to accommodate the Eastman look and feel while remaining in a colour scheme close to the original design and incorporating recognizable elements of the Taminco look and feel.
  • The Mach Media consultant successfully mediated between the Eastman legal team and the ‘heritage Taminco’ business team members with regard to getting the desired imagery and messaging approved – which was a sensitive issue.
  • Mach Media produced a movie to show at the booth that explained the story in a clear and simple way with imagery ‘morphing’ from Taminco into Eastman in a simple but fluid fashion.
  • Mach Media has since led the evolution of the messaging and design for Eastman Animal Nutrition as Taminco has become more deeply integrated with Eastman over the past 3 years – including a business rebranding project. Mach Media also led the marcom strategy for the two subsequent IPPEs in 2016 and 2017 and will again be playing a major role in the upcoming 2018 show along with other global Animal Nutrition events in Europe and Asia.

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IPPE 2015 (Taminco acquired focus)


IPPE 2016 (Eastman Animal Nutrition focus)


IPPE 2017 (US Animal Nutrition portfolio focus)