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ArcelorMittal is a multinational steel manufacturing corporation headquartered in Luxembourg. All steel products in Europe must meet environmental standards known as REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals). The company wanted to rebrand their existing products as environmentally friendly and in compliance with REACH standards. This campaign would involve renaming the products in multiple languages, suitable for an international audience. And all within the space of six weeks!

Mach Media created an advertising campaign based on the theme of “Nspired by Nature.” We promoted the organic and sustainable nature of ArcelorMittal’s coated steel products, drawing on themes of biomimicry. The campaign combined print and online components, to include brochures, bylined articles, website content and marketing collateral pieces. Each element had a unified look and feel and tied in to the fact that ArcelorMittal’s products were amongst the earliest to meet REACH requirements – ahead of the mandated schedule.

The “Nspired by Nature” campaign helped European companies recognize ArcelorMittal as a company whose steel products are environmentally friendly and sustainable. In addition, the campaign attracted journalists from several important trade publications who wrote articles about the steel company’s pioneering products.

Steps Taken (iMAP)

Researched competitors and REACH regulations for optimal positioning.

Established positioning and messaging framework for the product line.

Ads, banners, articles and brochures all had similar messaging, look and feel. All components helped portray ArcelorMittal as an environmentally responsible company and an innovator in the development of bio-safe steels.

Insight :
An effective rebranding campaign resulted in long-term sales benefits and positive publicity.