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I caught fire creating content.  

I always thought my dream was to become an average digital marketing Joe, sipping coffee while doing conventional work. It seemed like an appropriate dream having started my career at a young age doing digital marketing *stuff* even before it was a trend. But I’ve always known there’s more, and there was.

And that’s when it happened; I stumbled upon content marketing and that set my soul on fire. Since then, I can’t get enough. Content marketing calls to all my passions; it incorporates out-of-the-box creativity and data-driven problem-solving. What could be more fun than that?  

I love crafting strategies and connecting brands with their audience. This became the very foundation of my life’s mission, and that is to help companies find their voice and drive their ROI.

What companies have I helped so far? Saas providers and financial firms, non-profits, healthcare, and medical science firms.


English, Filipino, A little bit of French & Arabic