Month: November 2016

Month: November 2016

Nov 22, 2016

The Human-Centered Design Model

A 5 PHASE PROCESS OF STRUCTURED INNOVATION AND DESIGN In my last post about Human-Centered Design I talked about the value of Human-Centered Design. In this post we will dive deeper into the 5  phase process of structured innovation and design: EMPATHIZE Understanding or having empathy is about getting to the heart of what really matters to our […]

Nov 2, 2016

The Value of Human-Centered Design

HUMAN CENTERED HCD provides us with a new way of solving our seemingly unsolvable problems. A piece of the answer to our collective challenges lies within each of us – in our humanness. We are part of both the problem and the solution. HCD goes beyond quantitative thinking to provide a more qualitative and human approach by placing […]